Rafting On Tara River 2024 - Highlander Rafting Camp

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It's time to spend your vacation in harmony with nature! It's time to include a couple of unforgettable days in your beautiful natural environment in your gloomy everyday life, and replace the city heat with fresh air and morning dew. It’s time to enjoy the peace and quiet. You will be left breathless by the huge amount of adrenaline and experience at least for a short time the life of a Highlander.

Discover new destinations and choose this year an active vacation. At dusk, forget about worries, turn off the internet and enjoy under the starry sky, with the murmur of the Drina and the campfire of Camp Highlander .... Create memories worth remembering and whatever you think, know that "miracles do not actually violate the laws of nature" and enjoy!


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rafting tara highlander
rafting tara highlander
Rafting camp "Highlander" is located 20 km from Foča and 5 km before the Šćepan polje crossing border (BIH / CG). Located on the right bank of the Drina River and tucked away in a hornbeam forest, this camp is a true oasis of peace in untouched nature, and also a great starting point for rafting, hiking, hiking, biking or fishing. The location of the camp is ideal for visiting the National Park "Sutjeska" and the National Park “Durmitor", and enjoying adventure tourism that provides a complete fusion with nature and enjoying all its charms .


A popular proverb says that hospitality implies the warmth of a hearth, delicious food and the right to silence. You can find all this in the rafting camp Highlander, which is located right next to the river Drina. The silence of nature is a common "spice" of each of our meals.



Choose this year the Highlander team and experience unforgettable rafting on Tara or Drina river or maybe canyoning through canyon Nevidio or Hrčavka, enjoy hiking and jeep safari trips through NP Sutjeska (rainforest Perućica, Trnovac lake, Maglić, Zelengora) and NP Durmitor (Durmitor ring).



Rafting Camp Highlander is located 20 km from Foča and only 5 km before the crossing border, Šćepan Polje, between BiH and Montenegro. It is surrounded by a hornbeam forest and is located in an attractive location on the right side of the river Drina.

If you want this year to experience an unforgettable rafting on Tara or Drina river or maybe canyoning through canyons Nevidio or Hrčavka, enjoy hiking and jeep safari trips through NP „Sutjeska“ (rainforest Perućica, Trnovac lake, Maglić or Zelengora) and NP „Durmitor“ (Durmitor ring) or choose one of the sections that belong to the "Via Dinarica" hiking route - you are in the right place! We have prepared a diverse offer for 2021, with the best prices and arrangements. Welcome to Rafting Camp Highlander!

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of getting there in an attractive and well-preserved body, but should slide sideways, all scarred with a body completely worn out, totally used, shouting: "Juhuuuu, what a ride!"Highlander Rafting Team
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