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Choose this year Highlander team and experience unforgettable rafting on Tara or Drina river or maybe canyoning through canyons Nevidio or Hrčavka. Enjoy hiking and jeep safari trips through NP Sutjeska (Perućica rainforest, Trnovačko Lake, Maglić, Zelengora) and NP Durmitor (Durmitor) . If you have more time, we recommend one-day trips to Sarajevo, Višegrad or Trebinje. You can visite sand dunes or memorial complex and the monument "Battle of Sutjeska" in Tjentište. For true fans of mountaineering challenges, choose one of the sections belonging to the "Via Dinarica" hiking route.
Welcome to Rafting camp Higlander!



Rafting is an amazing feeling when you are united with the river that carries you, faster and faster, throwing you in its rapids, covering you with cold waves and refreshes you every time you reach out a hand to drink it. This is the shortest description of what awaits you in the canyon of Tara. And much more! Rafting is definitely an adventure you are going to talk about for a long time and place you will always want to come back whenever you can.
Back then rafting was organized only on the Drina river with wooden rafts, while through the Tara Canyon there was just rafting of chumps until 1970. Today, rafting in Tara Canyon represents a combination of unforgettable adventure and active holiday that is memorable experience and knowledge of primordial value and beauty of the nature for every human being.
According to the attractiveness degree for rafting, Tara is categorized as III-IV degree (according to the international scale of categorizing the river), that is in the top of the world's most attractive rivers along the Colorado River and the Zambezi. Duration of rafting adventure depends on the water heights, weather conditions and the crew in the boat. In May, when the water level is the highest, the descent lasts about 45 minutes, and in August and September, from 3 to 4 hours. Rafting is performed in rubber boats specially made for wild water. The boats can accommodate 8-10 people. Tourists receive following rafting equipment: neoprene suit and boots, life jacket, helmet and paddle, and in case of rain they also get raincoats. Very important role in rafting has a river guide, the person who steers the boat and is also a guide during the descent. All Highlander river guides have a license from the Port Authority for wild water rafting in Bosna and Herzegovina.
Before the rafting starts river guide holds a short brief about rafting and it is very important that all the passengers in the boat stick to advices and requests of a river guide. During the rafting tourists can carry cameras that are kept in special sealed bags or barrels. Breaks are organized at the most attractive locations for shooting and refreshments. Rafting on the wild waters is an exciting change of everyday life. It is a combination of adventure, sports and active leisure and such challenge is certainly not to be missed.

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Depending on the route, hiking can be more or less physically demanding, but this type of active holiday and enjoyment on fresh mountain air is always a great way to calm the mind and the perfect way to rest the soul. If you want to get away from the usual everyday life and "recharge" the positive energy, then hiking with Highlander Team is right choice. Demonstrate skills, courage and flexibility! Become one with nature - join us in this adventure!

The municipality of Foca and beyond adorn the large mountain ranges that belong to the Dinaric mountain system and waiting for you to explore them. Maglic, Zelengora, Volujak, Bioc, Ljubisnja or Lelija ... you just need to decide which mountain you want to conquer first...
Perhaps the biggest challenge all climbers have is Maglic (2386 m). This is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is located 20 km southwest of Foca, on the border with Montenegro. It is covered with beech and coniferous forests. Upper forest border is at about 1,600 meters above sea level, and above this there are plateaus with pastures and numerous ridges and peaks. The most famous plateaus are Vucevo (tipped Black Top) Rujevac, Snjeznica, Prijevor, Mratinjski Gora and Carev do. On the rocky slopes of Maglic can be found fossilized remains of extinct cephalopods ammonites.
Zelengora, the beauty amongst beauties, mountain with endless complex of forest and pastures, rocky peaks, very rich in flora and fauna with nine beautiful lakes, is rightly considered the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located within the National Park "Sutjeska" and its highest peak is Bregoc (2014 m). The whole complex Zelengora includes about 150-160 km2.
Ljubisnja (2238 m) is located on the border with Montenegro, near the canyon of Tara from which is separated by the top Radovina. Between Ljubisnja and Radovina is a spacious grassy plateau – Horse Field, that is very rich in water. Draga river which flows into river Tara appears here, making that way a very beautiful canyon.
Volujak is located on the border with Montenegro and its highest peak at 2336 m belongs to Montenegro. Volujak is on one hand very steep grassy slope while at the same time is very impressive and inaccessible rocky massif. It is surrounded by mountains Maglic, Bioc, Lebresnik and Zelengora.
Bioc is a mountain that belongs to Montenegro and its top Great Vitao with its 2398 m is the highest in this area. It is very attractive for hikers and climbers in all seasons. It is located between Volujak and Piva lake, and partly relies on Maglic massive.
Whether you are a nature lover with a long "hiking experience" or just one eager for new challenges, hiking with the Highlander Team is the right way to explore all the natural beauty of the region and experience the moments worth remembering.

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Canyoning is a unique adrenaline experience that consists of mountain climbing, diving and swimming through very close and inaccessible rocks. It is a discipline that quickly captivates one with its beauty and rocks sculpted by the river. Upon entering the canyon one is simply speechless in front of river’s patience, duration, its rapids, tubs, waterfalls, water slides, diving boards and the blue sky above it. In this adventure every stone hide the question - where to go, above or under a rock, to jump, skip or just let yourself go?
Highlander Team takes you to one of the five most popular Montenegrin canyon, which is also the last conquered canyon in Europe - the canyon Nevidio (Never seen). For years it was unattainable, and today it is a unique tourist attraction. Because of the terrain and sharp rocks this adventure in some places requires going down the waterfalls, passing through the straits only half a meter wide and jumping off the cliffs up to 400m high. That is why the presence of licensed tourist guides and connoisseurs of this canyon is necessary. The canyon is not technically and physically demanding, but it is important that nature lovers want to experience this adventure. Once you enter the canyon Nevidio there is no going back, just forward. However, the unique beauty of the strait, cascades and sparkling rapids of this canyon is reason enough to visit this incredible jewel of Montenegro for which people say, "It's really surreal."
For canyoning the most important thing is to love nature, to choose experienced guides and good period of the year for your adventure. We recommend July, August and September. It is not a smart idea to enter this challenge without a guide, because he is the person who checks your equipment, gives safety with his experience and always finds an alternative solution to overcome the challenges of the canyon. At the beginning of the descent he gives a brief and let you know what you can expect in the canyon and how to behave in order to overcome all obstacles without fear and panic.
Since the water is extremely cold we provide you with special neoprene-diving suits and boots to help you stay in the water without being cold or scratched by rocks. For safe going down waterfalls and gorges you will use rope, helmet and belt. Lowering the canyon is about 125 m altitude difference, and after leaving the canyon you will need to climb some 200 m height difference. These 200 m team exceed in 20 minutes when they are fittest, in 30 minutes when team members are sporty and in 40 minutes when someone is in solid shape and up to an hour when tourists are not in such a good shape.
It will not be easy, that we can guarantee, but in the end of all these extreme experiences, you will enjoy the incredible feeling that you succeed and you will be very proud of yourselves.

Recommendation: Arrangement No. A11


After the winter season when skiers have gone home from the mountain peaks to the "scene" come cyclists - lovers of mountain biking. More than 25 years mountain biking is a challenge and passion of all those who love nature and who enjoy conquering it with the power of their body. This type of riding is also called "off road" cycling, because it is one of the extreme sports (hobbies) in which bikes are ride in the hills, the mountains, with cart roads, through forests, parks, meadow and all areas that are collectively called "off road". Fans of this sport cross the same terrain as the skiers, but unlike them, that these areas conquer by skiing downhill, mountain bikers first drive uphill and then downhill. A moment of enjoyment occurs when they get to the top of the mountain massif and enjoy the beauty of all the views that are extending from these heights.
Mountain biking is a sport that requires special equipment and bicycles, specific knowledge, experience and technique of "off road" driving. It is important that you have your own bike (mountain bike or hybrid) on which you are used to cross the distance. Highlander Team takes you on a cycling tour to Trnovačko Lake, around the Durmitor Ring or the peaks of the Tara Canyon (to the village of Vranovina).


Recommendation: Arrangement No. A15


If you are someone who doesn’t like to go on beaten paths, then trekking is that journey on which the Highlander Team will be happy to be your guide and help you create your own path through the magnificent nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina! Since it involves an adventure in less walkable areas where trails are not marked, it can be said that trekking is a combination of hiking and walking with short breaks needed to collect energy for all the obstacles that await you. Hiking does not necessary mean climb to the mountain, but can also mean overcoming some different terrain, such as rainforest Perucica or Trnovacko lake. Although walking is not adrenaline activity, it is definitely an adventure! It can be combined with rafting or canyoning, and that way you may complement the whole experience of staying in the nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro with the Highlander Team!

Recommendation: Arrangement No. A21


The jeep safari is particularly adventurous experience that you can enjoy traveling with Highlander Team through the National Park "Durmitor" and National Park "Sutjeska" enjoying the beauty of the lakes and the largest peaks of the Balkans.
This adventure can be combined with rafting in the Tara canyon or camping and hiking tour of the mountains. There are:

  • Durmitor ring: Scepan Field around Durmitor mountain 126 km.
  • Big safari: Tjentiste - Sutjeska canyon – Cemerno-Orlovačko lake 65 km.
  • Medium safari: Tjentiste - Hrcavka canyon-Donje Bare - Gornje Bare 50 km.
  • Small safari: Tjentiste – Perucica - Prijevor 40 km.

Recommendation: Arrangement No. A18


There are major dilemmas when and where so-called fly-fishing appeared, but many sources indicate that its origins are at the Balkans. Greece, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are mentioned. Anyway, maybe this type of fishing originated from pure curiosity of fishermen, perhaps as a necessary “evil”, but nowadays fly fishing is the obsession of many fishing fans…
There are more and more of those who with great passion are wading mud and reed-covered ponds in an effort to fool some of the unusual fishes - sunfish, roach, bullhead... The biggest fanatics among fly-fishermen are considered to be those who hunt pikes. With a fly rod in hand they are looking for a new place to fish, sneaking into the thickets, hoping to deceive pike over pike.
The biggest problem that occurs in such fishing is with water plants and vegetation. Thanks to the rapid warming of standing water, vegetation is present at every step from March. Maybe this is good for the fish (more shelters, more food, etc.) it can be traumatic for fly fisherman.
If you're a fan of this kind of fishing Highlander Team takes you into the canyon of Tara or Drina, then Trnovacko Lake, Black Lake and Lake Kladopoljsko, all the places that experienced fishermen already tested and can guarantee are good for fly fishing.

Recommendation: Arrangement No. A25


Each of us has at least once wanted to have a horse. For some fortunate this wish came true J To all of you who were not so lucky, but no matter what you love and dream of riding a horse in the beautiful mountainous regions, Highlander Team can make this happen.
We give you the opportunity to saddled horse of your choice and enjoy the fantastic feeling - horse riding. We take you to the National park Durmitor in Montenegro, in the exciting adventure from the village Trša to the viewpoint of the canyon Sušica. This tour is intended for groups of up to 4 people, you will have a tame horse, instructor / guide who has many years of experience, transport with off-road vehicles from the camp Highlander to National Park Durmitor and back, free parking for your vehicle and residence tax. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

Recommendation: Arrangement No. A26



Contact for all information and reservations:

+387 65 475 201 (BIH)
+381 65 8238 335 (SRB)

The capacity of the camp is 100 places.
Weekend appointments need to be booked much earlier.
The advance for all reservations is 30 euros per person.
In case of impediment, your advance is valid for the next season.
The prices of all arrangements are expressed in euros, per person.
Arrangements are on a full board basis.
Accommodation and overnight stays are in wooden bungalows (lux or standard).
The prices of the arrangement include all taxes, equipment and transport from the camp to the starting point of an activity.
Food can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans.
It is not allowed to bring alcohol into the camp.
All arrangements can be extended and combined.
The timetables in the description of the arrangement are not fixed and can be changed.
All guests must have an ID card or passport.
Rafting camp Highlander is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Reservations for the periods from July 15 to September 1 will be increased by 5 euros per person.