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Safety procedures

“CAMP HIGHLANDER” is the agency for extreme tourism that pays great attention to maximum security in every guest’s activity, no matter what adventure tourists choose from our selection.


Preconditions for an exciting and memorable stay on the river are:



Before going on a rafting guests get equipment and skippers give a short safety brief on proper way of wearing equipment and how to behave in the boat for your safety and the safety of others. Only after that adventure can begin!


-Neoprene suit
-Neoprene footwear
-Life jacket
-Rafting helmet
-Wind jackets

Neoprene suits are designed for rafting in extreme waters and their main task is to protect the body from cold water and possible impacts. Our guests receive suits from the world's best brands which are known for their quality and durability. For the cooler weather we offer garments with long sleeves, while for the hot summer days we have sleeveless suits.

Neoprene shoes with thermal addition are primarily used for protection against the cold, because the legs are the most exposed to the cold water. In addition, shoes provide protection for the foot when you walk along the canyon shore.

Life jacket is the most important piece of equipment for rafting because it provides buoyancy of each person who finds in the water. Each life jacket meets regulations capacity of safety belts and has a functional design, which enables easy pulling people from the water.

Rafting helmet is one of the mandatory pieces of equipment for rafting, and the guest must wear it, because in the case of falling out from the boat helmet protects the head from possible injury. Helmets are made of highly durable plastic and filled with comfortable filling that cannot go down.

Wind jackets are mandatory part of rafting equipment in extreme weather conditions (due to the heavy rain, strong wind or low temperatures).


For safe rafting it is extremely important that the skippers are experienced, professional and have license for rafting in international waters. Our team of skippers in addition to extensive experience and professional approach to their vocation possesses a license of the International Rafting Federation (IRF - International Rafting Federation) and the Ministry of the Republic of Srpska. Our skippers speak several languages, and many years of experience make them the best skippers in the canyon of the wild river.

Safety brief

When guests get necessary equipment, before the start of the rafting there is a very important part - the safety brief. This is a set of instructions that skippers give their group before the start of "descent".

The safety brief includes instructions for:

Behavior in the boat - only licensed skippers know how to gain the trust of all group members, and with the proper approach and good advice they make team capable to overcome all rapids.

Manner of sitting in the boat - skippers will determine where every group member will sit so that the weight of the group is evenly distributed. They teach all the members of the group where to hold their feet to avoid falling out from the boat.

Holding the paddles - skippers teach all members of the group how to hold the paddle properly. At first it can be a problem, but with good advice professional skipper paddling technique can be quickly mastered. One hand should be based on the oars, and the other is always at the end of the shaft - it is a so-called T procedure. This provides control over the paddle. Skipper can command: to row all in the boat (ALL), to row only one part of the boat skipper addresses to (right or left) or that no one in boat rows (STOP).

Directions for contingencies - skippers give instructions for the unwanted situation - falling out of the boat. This usually happens if you do not obey the instructions how to sit properly or how to put your legs under the berths. At one point everyone is in the boat, and at the next someone is out. If that happens, the skippers are there to bring you out from the wild river, but still know the most important rule - do not panic. Life jacket and helmet offer significant protection, it is up to you to get your act together and search for the boat. Hold to it, and if it is away swim to it. We believe that our skipper will get you out and bring you back to the boat before that, but just in case it is important to stay calm.

Swimming techniques - our skippers will give you instructions for swimming techniques that you can always use if you find yourself in the river. These are techniques "Down River Swimmers Position" (backstroke, with the head high above the water, with the feet facing downward, slightly bent at the knees, in order to push yourself more easily from the rocks) or "stomach swimming" (swimming in order to get to the shore to avoid the situation that you are withdrawn by the strong river stream.)




Contact for all information and reservations:

+387 65 475 201 (BIH)
+381 65 8238 335 (SRB)

The capacity of the camp is 100 places.
Weekend appointments need to be booked much earlier.
The advance for all reservations is 30 euros per person.
In case of impediment, your advance is valid for the next season.
The prices of all arrangements are expressed in euros, per person.
Arrangements are on a full board basis.
Accommodation and overnight stays are in wooden bungalows (lux or standard).
The prices of the arrangement include all taxes, equipment and transport from the camp to the starting point of an activity.
Food can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans.
It is not allowed to bring alcohol into the camp.
All arrangements can be extended and combined.
The timetables in the description of the arrangement are not fixed and can be changed.
All guests must have an ID card or passport.
Rafting camp Highlander is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Reservations for the periods from July 15 to September 1 will be increased by 5 euros per person.