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  • Da li ste znali da Durmitor potiče od keltskih riječi „dru mi tore“ koje znače "planina puna vode”? Vjerovali ili ne, ali na durmitorskom masivu nalazi se čak 18 ledničkih jezera.

  • Za jednog Gorštaka teško je ignorisati “zov divljine”, koji polako s proljeća počne da ubrzava puls, a pogled počne da se gubi negdje na horizontu, tražeći planinske masive koji čekaju da ih osvojim.

  • For one Highlander, it is difficult to ignore the "call of the wilderness", which slowly starts to speed up its pulse in the spring, and the view begins to disappear somewhere on the horizon, looking for mountain massifs waiting to be conquered again.

  • Rafting and spending time outdoors requires shoes and clothing that is comfortable, if necessary, warm and layered, so you feel comfortable at any time. In the following few tips you may find a list of mandatory items "to wrap up" so you don’t forget something.

    The most important things to bring:

    -Pajamas or light tracksuit for sleep
    -Towels for face and shower
    -Cosmetics case with personal hygiene (+ moisturizing lotion, wipes, pharmaceuticals, and some insect repellent)
    -Slippers for shower / beach
    -Shorts for swimming or bathing suit (2 pcs)
    -Cap or hat for sun protection
    -Cotton socks
    -Cotton shirts: short and long sleeves (2 pcs)
    -Something warm for sitting beside a campfire
    -Shoes / sneakers for mountain walking (required!) because in sandals and sneakers you can not hike
    -In case of rain - rain jacket, waterproof clothes and shoes
    -If you plan to bring your phone with you on the river, we suggest to protect it against water, shock and dust.
    -Be sure to take with you documents for crossing the border Bosnia and Herzegovina / Montenegro


    Any clothes that you find comfortable at home are great for camp. Shorts and a T-shirt or a casual skirt or dress for women are great for warm summer evenings. For cooler nights and mornings you may find prefer to wear light-weight pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Long-sleeved camp shirts can also double as a shirt to wear on the river to help keep the sun off of your arms.

    Warm Jacket: Even in the summer, evening and mornings can be chilly. You’ll want to have a layer to wear around camp before bed and at breakfast. It often it takes the sun longer to hit some camps due to the large canyon walls. We ask that you bring a light-weight puffy jacket or warm fleece shirt.

    Rain Gear: You never know if it’s going to rain, so bring a rainshell. This is also a great layer for colder temperatures. People will often wear rain pants to help keep the sun off their legs. Tops of knees are a common place for sunburn on the first day.

    Camp Shoes: These could be another pair of sandals, hiking shoes, or sneakers. Anything that is comfortable, gives your feet a break from being in a wet river shoe, and protects your feet from rocks while walking around camp.

    Hiking Shoes (Optional): Most people end up doing short day hikes in their river shoes. If you have a camp shoe that can double as a hiking shoe, you can save room in your bag.

    Make sure to break in your river shoes if you are buying new ones for your trip. Nothing is more annoying than fresh blisters while you’re on your vacation.


    For your daytime river outfit, you'll want quick-drying clothes so that you don't feel soggy all day. Wearing shorts with a lightweight long or short-sleeved shirt are great. Long-sleeves help prevent sunburn.

    Some people also like to wear long under bottoms under river shorts or capri-length pants to help keep sun off of their legs. We suggest light weight base layers as they can help keep your warm if it is chilly, but also are great sun protection that isn't too hot.

    River Shoes: Anything that will stay strapped to your foot and provide solid support for walking around on rocks will work.
    Hat: A hat with a brim makes bright, sunny days more enjoyable and a baseball cap that fits under a helmet are perfect for paddling an inflatable kayak.


    For the majority of summer trips the weather is quite nice. For any trip in the Spring you'll need to bring the following extra cold-weather gear to wear in camp and on the river.

    -Polypro Shirts
    -Polypro Beanie
    -Polypro Gloves
    -Polypro Socks
    -Polypro Long Underwear
    -Warm Pants
    -Thick Polypro/Wool or Puffy Jacket
    -Shoes for walking on wet, slippery or rocky terrain



  • People have a strange need to strive in life to reach some existential peaks, which become much more valuable than life itself.

  • Majski praznici u Rafting Kampu HIGHLANDER

  • Come with us on a new adventure!

    Rafting camp "Highlander" is a travel agency specializing in adventure tourism. For 21 years we have been organizing rafting tours through the largest canyon in Europe, canyoning adventures through the most attractive canyons of BiH and Montenegro, hiking, treking and mountain biking in the most beautiful parts of BiH and Montenegro, fly fishing, horseback riding, various excursions and jeep safaristhrough Sutjeska National Park and Durmitor.

    Our guests always choose the most sought after destinations:

    Rafting down the second largest canyon in the world - Tara Canyon
    Conquest of the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Maglić
    Tour of the most beautiful lake - Trnovac Lake
    Canyoning down - Hrčavka canyon
    A tour of the last rainforest reserve in Europe - Perućica Rainforest
    Tour of Lake Zelengora - part of the Via Dinarika hiking route

    When they choose the desired arrangement, we welcome all our guests in a rafting camp located on the right bank of the river Drina, with wooden bungalows, built in mountain style, a restaurant with a campfire and a terrace with a beautiful view of turquoise. the green river Drina. We offer guests comfortable accommodation and free parking and WiFi, and what makes guests always come back is delicious homemade food prepared according to traditional recipes. After each activity, our guests can enjoy by the campfire in the silence of a summer night or with the sounds of acoustic music and a large selection of local and traditional specialties.

    Welcome to Rafting Camp Highlander!





  • Krenite sa nama u novu avanturu 

    Rafting kamp„Highlander” je turistička agencija specijalizovana za avanturistički turizam. Već 21 godinu organizujemo rafting ture niz najveći kanjon Evrope, kanjoning avanture niz najatraktivnije kanjone BIH i CG, planinarenje, pješačenje i planinski biciklizam najljepšim predjelima BIH i CG, pecanje , jahanje konja, razne izlete kao i džip safari kroz Nacionalni park Sutjeska i Nacionalni park Durmitor.

    Naši gosti uvijek biraju najtraženije destinacije:

    Rafting niz drugi kanjon po veličini u svijetu – kanjon Tare
    Osvajanje najvisočijeg planinskog vrha Bosne i Hercegovine – Maglić
    Obilazak najljepšeg jezera - Trnovačko jezero
    Kanjoning niz – kanjon Hrčavku
    Obilazak posljednjeg prašumskog rezervata u Evropi - Prašumu Perućicu
    Obilazak jezera Zelengore – dio Via Dinarika rute

    Kada izaberu željeni aranžman, sve naše goste dočekujemo u rafting kampu koji se nalazi na desnoj obali rijeke Drina, sa drvenim bungalovima, izgrađenim u planinskom stilu, restoranom u kome se nalazi ognjište za logorsku vatru i sa terasom sa koje se prostire prelijep pogled na tirkizno zelenu rijeku Drinu. Nudimo gostima udoban smještaj i besplatan parking i WiFi, a ono zbog čega se gosti uvijek vraćaju jeste ukusna domaća hrana spremljena po tradicionalnoj recepturi. Nakon svake aktivnosti naši gosti mogu da uživaju kraj logorske vatre u tišini ljetnje noći ili uz zvuke akustične muzike i veliki izbor lokalnih i tradicionalnih specijaliteta.

    Dobro nam došli u rafting kamp Highlander!





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