Tara River Canyon - Highlander Rafting Camp

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  • Did you know that Durmitor comes from the Celtic words "dru mi tore" which means "mountain full of water"? Believe it or not, but on the Durmitor massif there are as many as 18 glacial lakes.

  • Breakfast and lunch spiced with unforgettable rafting in the Tara canyon.

  • Rafting and canyoning may be your ideal combination of an active vacation.

  • Take a bike ride to the Sutjeska National Park and a tour around the Trnovac lake.

  • It is a real challenge to ride a bike through the peaks of the Tara canyon and visite village Vranovina.

  • Take a one-day jeep safari trip through the National Park Sutjeska.

  • Two days of rest in the Highlander camp and 25km of rafting on the most attractive section of Tara.

  • We suggest hiking to Perućica, Maglić, Trnovačko Lake and Zelengora.

  • It is a real challenge to embark on a hiking adventure and a tour of Lake Zelengora.

  • One-day trip in the canyon of Tara or Drina and fly fishing.

  • One day trip and horseback riding through Durmitor National Park.

  • Mountain Vučevo by bike and enjoy the view of the Sutjeska canyon.

  • Choose 4 days of rest and rafting from the top of Tara, a total of 90 km of rafting challenges.

  • Choose a three-day vacation and a 60 km long rafting adventure along the most beautiful section of Tara.

  • Choose three days of rest, rafting on the Tara and a hiking to rainforest Perućica and Trnovac lake.

  • Choose three days of rest, rafting on the Tara canyon, and hiking to Maglić and Trnovac lake.

  • Rafting Camp Highlander is located 20 km from Foča and only 5 km before the crossing border, Šćepan Polje, between BiH and Montenegro. It is surrounded by a hornbeam forest and is located in an attractive location on the right side of the river Drina.

  • Choose this year the Highlander team and experience unforgettable rafting on Tara or Drina river or maybe canyoning through canyon Nevidio or Hrčavka, enjoy hiking and jeep safari trips through NP Sutjeska (rainforest Perućica, Trnovac lake, Maglić, Zelengora) and NP Durmitor (Durmitor ring).

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