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For adventurers, eager for challenging mountain biking, but at the same time exciting and indescribable areas, we recommend a demanding cycling tour - the peaks of the Tara canyon through Zavait, Meštrevac, Dulin Brijeg to Vranovina. Vranovina is the name of a village and a locality that covers one half of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the other half of the territory of Montenegro. Vranovina is located below the top of Obzir, the highest point in the Tara canyon. From the river to the top the altitude difference exceeds 1400m! From the village of Vranovina, a narrow goat path leads to the heart of the canyon and a place called Markovića mlini, a former mill on the banks of the Tara. Several viewpoints offer a breathtaking view: a large part of the Tara canyon, the highest mountain massif in BiH - Maglić, then Durmitor, Jahorina, Treskavica, Piva mountain, Komovi .. Across the lookout on Vranovina is the canyon of Sushica and from here it is possible to see the place where the two canyons collide, and where Sušica flows into Tara. On one side you can see almost the entire territory of NP "Durmitor" and on the other there is an unreal view of a large part of NP "Sutjeska". Appetizers you must see!



For the realization of this arrangement, the minimum number of participants is 2 people, and the maximum number is 8 people per guide.
The minimum recommended age of participants is 18 years
Previous experience is required
Prices are in euros and per person
The menu can be adapted to both vegetarians and vegans, but with prior notice
The hours in the description of the arrangement are not fixed and can be changed depending on the wishes and needs of the guests
In the peak season when there is great interest in rafting, the camp management reserves the right to organize activities in several terms
All arrangements can be extended and combined by agreement
We reserve the right to assess whether a person has a minimum of physical fitness for mountain biking


Passport or ID card (depending on the country you come from)
Warm sweatshirt or jacket (nights by the river can be cooler)
Towels, shower slippers and personal hygiene items
Wardrobe and shoes for cycling
Spare shoes
Smaller backpack

Performance period: From May to October
Activity: Full day tour
Trail description B1: Brštanovica - top of Tara canyon - village Vranovina - Brštanovica
Trail description B2: Camp Highlander - Brštanovica - top of Tara canyon - village Vranovina - Camp Highlander
Trail type: A combination of asphalt, paved macadam, dirt and stone footpaths, and slippery and muddy depending on weather conditions.
Category: Challenging activity, fitness and technically moderately demanding tour 8/10





16 km

75 km


Arrival at the camp in the morning, followed by breakfast until 10am. After breakfast, with the help of a guide, you choose the right bike and equipment for your cycling adventure and we set off.
We take off-road vehicles to Brštanovica, where your bike adventure begins. We climb to the top of the Tara canyon from where there is a fantastic view of the canyon. We take a break for a short break, and then continue driving along the slopes of the canyon. We enjoy the beauty of the Tara canyon and the mountains Durmitor and Maglić. We drive some 15km to the village of Vranovina where a lunch break is planned. After the rest, we return the same way to Brštanovica, and then by off-road vehicles to the Highlander camp, where dinner and socializing by the campfire is planned for around 6 pm. After the guests fall asleep, breakfast follows, after which the arrangement ends.

Arrival at the camp in the morning, followed by breakfast until 10am. After breakfast, with the help of a guide, you choose the right bike and equipment for your cycling adventure and we set off.
At 11 am we set off on bikes from Camp Highlander for a day trip. The first 5 km is planned for driving along the Drina canyon, and then 17 km along the Tara canyon all the way to Brštanovica, where we take the first break for rest. After that, we climb to the top of the canyon by bike, from where there is a fantastic view of Tara and the mountain massifs Durmitor and Maglić. After the break, we continue our way to the village of Vranovina. During these 15 km drive we again enjoy the natural beauty of the canyons and mountains. A third break is planned in the village and this time longer to eat the snack we brought from the camp. After the rest, we return the same way to the Higlander camp and again enjoy the beauties of the Tara canyon and the massifs of the Durmitor National Park. We arrive at the camp around 7 pm, where dinner with local specialties and socializing by the campfire is planned. After the guests fall asleep, breakfast follows, after which the arrangement ends.


80 € (Lux: 95 €)

120 € (Lux: 135 €)

How to reach Highlander Rafting Kampa

Rafting camp Highlander is located on the main road Foča - Nikšić, more precisely 20 km away from Foča, in the direction of Montenegro and 5 km before the border crossing Šćepan Polje / Hum (BiH - CG).


N:  43°21'08"  E:  18°48'28.5"

Sarajevo – Trnovo – Foca (80 km)
Beograd – Cacak – Uzice – Visegrad – Gorazde – Foca (350 km)
Banja Luka – Doboj – Zenica – Sarajevo – Trnovo – Foca (340 km)
Podgorica – Niksic – Pluzine – Scepan Field – Foca (172 km)
Dubrovnik – Trebinje – Bileca – Gacko – Foca (165 km)
Herceg Novi – Trebinje – Bileca – Gacko – Foca (172 km)
Zagreb – Banja Luka – Travnik – Visoko – Sarajevo – Foca (527 km)

There are regular daily bus lines to Foca from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

If you arrive from abroad by plane, we recommend that you land at the airport in Sarajevo, from where you have another 70 km to Foca.

A popular proverb says that hospitality implies the warmth of the hearth, delicious food and the right to silence. You can find all this in the rafting camp Highlander, which is located right next to the river Drina. The silence of nature is a common "spice" of each of our meals.
Whether you are just a casual passerby and want to enjoy a beautiful view of the turquoise green river Drina from our terrace, or you are a guest on a full arrangement, be sure that you will enjoy delicious food in our camp. We will serve our local specialties prepared in the old old-fashioned way with a large selection of domestic and foreign drinks.
The ingredients we use are of domestic origin, from our area and with a valid declaration, and bread, pastries, pies and cakes are kneaded, dried and developed by the skilled hands of our cooks. All food is prepared according to traditional recipes, so guests often ask for a little "repeater".
Before going to any activity (rafting, hiking, canyoning, mountain biking, hiking ....) guests are served "Mountain Breakfast", which aims to provide enough strength and energy to overcome any challenge in nature. Upon your return, you will be greeted by hot soup and veal under the sac, and for dinner, barbecue, fish, and chicken with mushrooms or pie under the sac. Always expect a surprise from sweets, but sweet, like sweets made by our mothers and grandmothers. There will be tulumba, urmašica, and baklava, but also fruit and chocolate cakes, as well as good old donuts and pancakes with Euro cream and ice cream. In a word, many deacons for everyone's taste. They say that tastes are different and should not be discussed, but exciting rafting and accommodation in nature are offered by almost all camps on the banks of the Tara and Drina, but we know that the food we make is what makes us very different and why our guests they return.



BREAKFAST: Homemade bread and pastries, Highlander breakfast (prosciutto, tea, cream (kajmak), cheese, eggs, donuts (uštipci), proja), tea, milk, sour milk.

LUNCH: Veal soup, of your choice veal under sacha or fish, mixed salad, bread, fruit or cake.

DINNER: Optional, flint, fish, chicken in mushroom sauce, Sarajevo kebab, white hanger, bread, mixed salad or shop salad.

***According to the wishes and needs of guests menu can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans or by appointment (during booking or at the beginning of the arrangement).
***It is not allowed to bring your drink to the restaurant / bar and the terrace.

The Rafting camp Highlander is located 20 km from Foča and only 5 km from the border crossing Šćepan Field between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. It is surrounded by hornbeam trees and is situated in an attractive location on the right side of the Drina River.
Its capacity is 100 beds that have mattresses and clean bedding. Wooden bungalows are made for two, three, four or five people, while the small houses, popularly called “Torarica” are for one or two people (read: for those in love).

The camp has electricity, wireless internet (Wi-Fi), lux bungalow with private bathroom and standard bungalows with shared showers and toilets, with hot and cold drinking water. The restaurant offers local/traditional cuisine in which every guest gets his meal according to paid arrangement. Travelers who just passing by can also get the food of their choice for prices that are official.

Location of the camp Highlander is ideal for rafting, hiking, trekking, mount biking or fly-fishing. It is the starting point for the tours National Park “Sutjeska" and National Park "Durmitor". Mountain peaks Maglic, Durmitor, Bioc and Zelengora are just some of the peaks that are located near the camp. There are also lakes of Zelengora, more precisely nine of them, rainforest Perucica and waterfall Skakavac 73 m high.
In short landscape, that takes the breath away. The nature wonders worth coming back. The location is well connected by road with all the major tourist cities of Bosnia, Montenegrin and Croatian coasts as well - Budva, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Trebinje, Sarajevo, Mostar, Visegrad and Zabljak.
If you live in one of these ex yu republics or you are just traveling to these destinations, and you love nature and adventure tourism, we recommend our Rafting camp Higlander. It is a camp where a complete vacation in the silence of nature and the murmur of the Drina River awaits you with homemade food that you will remember for a long time.




The Camp

3 stars


N 43°21’41.8″ E 18°48’28.5″

Surface area

2 000 m2


100 beds in wooden bungalows for 2,3,4 or 5 people

Toilets / showers

Lux bungalows have their own bathrooms.
Standard bungalows use shared toilets and showers


Traditional cuisine. Opening hours from 07h to 23h every day during the season.


Free Wi-Fi.


Parking places for small passenger cars and buses


There is a space to set up tents.


Wild beach for swimming.


For volleyball, soccer and badminton. Social games: chess and cards.


Pets are allowed in the camp, but not in bungalows and in a boat.

LUX bungalows

Rafting Camp Highlander has 9 lux bungalows for 4 people. Total capacity for 36 person. In each bungalow there is:

*French bed with two separate sheets
*Bunk bed (spacious for both children and adults)
*The bathroom
*Terrace or balcony

Standard Bungalows

There are 16 standard bungalows for 2 people in the Rafting camp Highlander. Total capacity for 32 persons. In each of these bungalows there are:

*Large bed with two separate sheets
*Space for suitcases and civiluk

In the Rafting camp Highlander there are 2 standard bungalows for 4 people. Total capacity is for 8 persons. In each of these bungalows there are:

*2 single beds
*1 bunk bed
*Space for suitcases and civiluk

In the Rafting camp Highlander there are 4 standard wigmans for 5 people. Total capacity is for 20 persons. In each of these bungalows there are:

*5 beds
*Suitcase space
*Hat stand

The Rafting camp Highlander has 4 standard bungalows for 1 or 2 people. Total capacity is for 4 or 8 people. In each of these bungalows there are:

*One bed for 2 people with one bed linen
*Space for suitcases and civiluk


Cycling activities - 1 day
Overnight - 1 night
All meals during the package (2 breakfasts, 1 snack, 1 dinner)
Complete cycling equipment (mountain bike, helmet, water bottle)
Entrance fee to NP Durmitor
Tourist tax
Transport by our off-road vehicles during the arrangement (from the camp to the starting point for cycling)
Licensed guides
Free parking for your vehicles


Non-board offer (drinks, additional meals ...)
All other costs not foreseen by the program (additional excursions, additional nights ...)

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  • Develops better mutual understanding of the team members
  • Allows team members to get to know each other, discover their weaknesses and virtues
  • Allows team members to learn from each other and to cooperate better
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of employees
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Contact for all information and reservations:

+387 65 475 201 (BIH)
+381 65 8238 335 (SRB)

The capacity of the camp is 100 places.
Weekend appointments need to be booked much earlier.
The advance for all reservations is 30 euros per person.
In case of impediment, your advance is valid for the next season.
The prices of all arrangements are expressed in euros, per person.
Arrangements are on a full board basis.
Accommodation and overnight stays are in wooden bungalows (lux or standard).
The prices of the arrangement include all taxes, equipment and transport from the camp to the starting point of an activity.
Food can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans.
It is not allowed to bring alcohol into the camp.
All arrangements can be extended and combined.
The timetables in the description of the arrangement are not fixed and can be changed.
All guests must have an ID card or passport.
Rafting camp Highlander is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Reservations for the periods from July 15 to September 1 will be increased by 5 euros per person.